If only you could touch this outfit right now. Comfortable fabrics in soft tones like organic blended cotton and soft recycled nylons. All spring and summer must-haves. Stunning silhouette guaranteed.
modernes Top - Tx - hellblau 2



for a stylish

wardrobe with

a conscience.


Meet Jovan Vialva

from j.jackman


Jovan Vialva is a born New Yorker and one of these professionals. Only one day, after getting another promotion at an e-commerce company, she realised that despite the successes in her corporate career, she was not making a difference.

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Jovan jjackman
For us sustainability is a concept of equity.
Equity in terms of equilibrium between social, environmental and economic perspectives.
Every brand and designer has been chosen because their production processes, materials and values treat both people and the environment with care and consideration.
It’s fashion for now—and the future.


Bang Bang Bombshell
Cold Days. Warm Knits.
The Poise of Youth.

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