Our mission as a collective is to be a trusted partner and support pioneers who have consciousness in their fashion DNA. Each brand has been chosen because their production processes, materials and values treat both people and the environment with care and consideration.

1979 (Germany)
Abury (Germany)
Alina Schuerfeld (Germany)
AmaElla (UK)
Anekdot (Germany)
August (Estonia)
Daniela Paradeis (Austria)
Before7am (Germany)
Elsien Gringhuis (The Netherlands)
Farrah Floyd (Germany)
Freiform (Switzerland)
Hellen van Rees (The Netherlands)
Hiitu (Germany)
HOUSE OF AIM (Switzerland)
j.jackman (Germany)
Jenah St (Germany)
Julia Leifert (Germany)
Julia Thompson (UK)
Kismet (Germany)
Knothingelse (Germany)
Lahara Bags (Germany / Switzerland)
Leticia Credidio (UK)
Livalike (Germany)
Lovejennr (UK)
Luna’mi (Germany)
Mahla Clothing (Denmark)
Maravillas Bags (Spain)
Momoc (Spain)
MYOMY (The Netherlands)
Natascha von Hirschhausen (Germany)
Nina Rein (Germany)
Nemanti (Italy)
OSIER (The Netherlands)
Pelcor (Portugal)
Piwari (Germany)
Quite Quiet (Germany)
R-EH (Germany)
Rhumaa (The Netherlands)
Sekundär (Germany)
Sigrun (Denmark)
SinWeaver (Germany)
SomySo (Switzerland)
Swedish Stockings (Sweden)
Teym (The Netherlands)
The Blue Suit (The Netherlands)
Unravelau (The Netherlands)
Vestiarium (Finland)

If we want to change the fashion industry, we need to join forces and collectively implement a new way of how fashion is being consumed and produced.


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