our definition of sustainability.

At raven collective we believe that there is no such thing as 100% sustainability. For us, the idea of sustainability is a concept of equity. Equity in terms of a balance between social, environmental and economic perspectives along the value chain of a product. For our generation and generations to come.

It’s fashion for now— and the future.
re-value what we wear.

We want to make a shift in the velocity of how fashion is produced and consumed. We want to change the way how we buy our garments and appreciate the value of what we wear. It is a matter of buying less and choosing better.

At raven collective we offer better alternatives for a wardrobe that lasts longer than one season. A wardrobe that is better for people and the environment. Without compromising on style.

supporting the pioneers in fashion.

We carefully select pieces from the most responsible and stylish brands across Europe. Our mission as a collective is to be a trusted partner and support pioneers who have consciousness in their fashion DNA. Each brand has been chosen because their production processes, materials and values treat both people and the environment with care and consideration.


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