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Detachable Collar | Juno

Classics never go out of style! This Tuxedo inspired collar allows you to create subtle statement looks. Juno has short, upstanding collar tips and styles easily with any item in your wardrobe. Our favorite look? With round crew neck top or (jeans) jacket.

Material: 100% certified organic cotton
Fabric details: satin cotton
Buttons: mother of pearl
Made with care: in Romania
Style: tuxedo style with short upstanding collar tips
Size: onesize
How to Style: creates original looks and styles easily with all items in your wardrobe
Fit: collar follows natural curve of chest and back, stays put while wearing


Annabel Kleyweg is at the helm of Before 7am. She loves the world before everyone wakes up, when the world is of a different order where the rules and routines of the day are meaningless. The moment of clarity and determination. With the collars she created the perfect accessory you can embellish and adorn yourself according to your mood or your day. They add signature to your look and work in any season.
100% certified organic satin cotton. Mother of pearl buttons. Production Designed in Berlin and made fair with care in Romania.
Germany shipping usually takes 3 business days // Europe shipping usually takes 5 business days // 14 days return policy


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