Quite Quiet


Creme Leather Necklace

Creme colored necklace made of vegetable tanned chrome-free nappa leather with a 18 Karat Fairtrade Yellow Gold magnetic closure in a fine brushed finish. Length: 20cm


Quite Quiet is a Berlin based jewellery brand. The master minds behind the label are Johanna Schoemaker and Jonas Buck. Primary goal is to always carefully select the materials and processes they use for their contemporary designs.
All gold used from Quite Quiet are Fairtrade certified and fully traceable. Gold that is certified according to Fairtrade-standards provides small artisanal miners with better livelihood and working conditions. Quite Quiet uses Fairtrade-Gold exclusively, as using recycled gold cannot prevent gold mining. The gold they use originates from the mining organization Macdesa in Peru. For the silver products Quite Quiet uses recycled silver that comes from Schiefer & Co. in Hamburg and the nappa leather is vegetable tanned and completely chrome-free. Manufactured by Ecopell GmbH in Germany.
Shipping by Quite Quiet (Germany) – Delivery time Germany: 2-3 days, free shipping. Delivery time EU: 2-6 days, free shipping. // 14 days return policy


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