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Ultra Shopper

This bag is for the ones who’d rather carry a bit more with them, than forgetting an item. The bag is large enough to carry a laptop, charger, a book and your lunch. To make sure you won’t loose your keys or phone, we enhanced the bag with a small and larger pocket at the inside. Forgot to take a bag with you for grocery shopping? There is still enough space in your Ultra shopper thanks to the buttons at both sides, which increases volume.

Manufactured in the Unravelau atelier in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This item is made from post consumer denim, collected by citizens of the Netherlands.

  • Size : 41 x 12 x 44 (W x D x H)
  • Fabric: Post consumer denim
  • Lining : Left over cotton
  • Thread: GOTS cotton
  • Buttons: Metal
  • Brand Label : Post consumer denim printed with natural ink
  • Brand tag: Polyester

Hand wash max 30°C, wash with similar colors, reshape when wet, do not tumble dry, dry flat, ironing max 100°C (1 point). To make this item 100% biodegradable you can take of the brand tag.

After use, please send Unravelau back your item so they can reuse it for a new garment. Together we can help nature and the prevention of fashion waste.


Unravelau is an up-and-coming Dutch sustainable clothing brand using only resources that are not harmful for the planet, changing the fashion industry one garment at a time. All of the pieces are made with with zero-waste patterns (which means that the entire fabric is used without waste), or minimum-waste patterns (which means that 95% of the entire fabric is used. The other 5% is collected and will be used for future unique pieces). Most of the fabrics are naturally dyed which means that the outcome of the colour is depending on the weather conditions and in which season the paint bath has been made. Small changes in colour are the result of this but at the same time it gives every item a unique look.
Unravelau exclusively uses organic and recycled materials for their products. They generate the least possible waste by using zero-waste patterns and reusing the waste they do generate. For their collections they use cruelty free Ahimsa silk, Tencel, hemp, linen and organic cotton. All the Unravelau garments are handmade in their atelier in Utrecht. To make your Unravelau garment 100% biodegradable, please remove any brand tags, buttons and/or zippers. After use, please send Unravelau back your item so they can reuse it for a new garment.
Europe Shipping usually takes 15 business days.


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