The Saddle Bag Tan

The Saddle Bag Tan is made of vegetable tanned leather. The bag comes with a detachable short rope handle and an adjustable leather strap (123 cm  – 138 cm). Size: 28 cm x 20 cm x 8 cm.


AGNES NORDENHOLZ is a slow luxury label founded 2015 in Berlin. The german born Agnes Schorer is the creative mind behind the label. The intention is to produce soulful products, that last for a long time, combining high craftsmanship with intriguing design. Products you will love and therefore keep them for a long time.
The `Grey Friend & The Hunter´collection combines tradition, quality and craftsmanship. The fur comes from the `Heidschnucke of Lüneburger Heath´, a free-grazing sheeprace from northern Germany. Since centuries the Heidschnucke helps to keep the heath clear through grazing and is therefor important to maintain the cultural heritage and the eco system of the heath. The farmers from Lüneburger heath represent a traditional and sustainable small-scale industry. The Heidschnucke offers a 100% biological meat and is appreciated by modern slowfood kitchen for its healthy lowfat quality and delicious taste. Other materials used are Austrian Loden fabrics, the `Schladminger Loden´ made of 100% Wool, and vegetable tanned leather. Production in Germany.
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