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18 Splashing and glowing
We fancy a comfortable outfit for these cold days. Mixed with colorful accessories and a bit of subtle glitter. Shop our selection of sustainably made pieces that you will keep you warm. 

The sneakers are a perfect combination between the vegan essence and the pursuit of style. Asia Splash combines the concept of craftsmanship with colored cotton.

Berlin based designer Natascha von Hirschhausen does not  compromise on style. Her pieces breathe radical sustainability and will give you a contemporary and timeless look. Wardrobe essentials that last for more than one season.

Estonian based Studio August created the pale pink oversized sweatshirt in organic cotton jersey. This stretchy crew neck sweater has a drop shoulder and super soft interior. The fabric is GOTS certified and fully biodegradable.

These ‘code’ trousers have a relaxed cut and are made of  a high-quality, fine merino wool fabric, the sort usually used in the production of high end suits. The Japanese glass bead embroidery along the trousers legs gives them a luxurious finish.

With its cubic and puffy shape, the certified vegan leather Pouch from Jeanh St. could remind you of a beauty case but it’s wilder than that. It’s the perfect size to fit just what you need. It is handy to carry at parties or concerts, securely worn sling-style next to your chest with a direct access to your phone, money and keys.

For those moments you desire to bring a bit of 80s power dressing to your style. This exaggerated collar from Before 7AM has an extra tall collar stand and long collar tips. Goes especially well with suits, waistcoats or deep v-neck tops.

Layla De Mue offers premium accessories handmade from sustainable, certified materials. All are designed in Berlin and produced by hand in Germany.

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the precious art of embroidery

A label that appreciates and honours the precious art of embroidery and those who create them, but also places this craftsmanship in a completely new design context. Stefanie and Valerie, the two founders of Manakaa Project, came into contact with the art of Indian bead embroidery through a social project. Back in Berlin, the idea came up to translate this traditional embroidery method into modern, coded patterns. Manakaa means “bead or pearl” in Hindi.

cruelty free statement bags

„I value your skin as much as I value mine“, is the opening line of Jack Bartman’s fashion film for Jenah St. — it sets the tone for the brand of bags where „high performance vegan leather meets Italian luxury“.

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