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Sustainability in fashion is more than just a buzzword floating around the internet. For this edition we  have selected three of Europe’s most beautiful sustainable swimwear labels. Learn about their  processes and dedication to looking after the planet and the people in it. Now rest easy and enjoy your fun in the sun.

Upcycling does not necessarily mean that your new swimwear is made from someone else’s old one…in fact, German label Anekdot focuses on giving a new life to fabrics that would have usually gone to waste. Like factories’ surplus and production errors or miscalculations. This also ensures that every style is limited.

New fabrics are being developed as well. Swimwear label Piwari offers swimwear produced with up-cycled plastics recovered from the ocean. The sustainable techno-fabric is made with Econyl yarn. Econyl® is nylon waste from landfills and oceans transformed into regenerated nylon. It can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again. The swimsuits are resistant to chlorine, sun creams and oils.

1979 has a stunning collection of understated yet feminine swimwear classics, with a contemporary, unadorned construction, intended to be worn as classics over many seasons. The exclusive collection is locally produced in Germany and only uses “OEKO-TEX Standard 100” certified fabrics from within the EU. One of 1979’s main focuses and key values is high quality and responsible, transparent production.

The matte purple/navy bikini top Rania and bikini bottom Sol are from Phylyda

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Berlin-based label Abury has become a trailblazer in the world of sustainable, conscious fashion. With handmade bags, shoes and accessories produced and developed together with artisans from across the globe, Abury’s mission is to do good, and invest back into the communities it works with.

certified fabrics

Berlin based brand 1979 has an exclusive swimwear collection. Produced locally in Germany and only „Oekotex Standard 100“ certified fabrics from within the EU. High quality and responsible, transparent production being among the key values of 1979.

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