Coconut Clutch

Small clutch with a sophisticated design, in chalk cork skin – engraved in matte white, with subtle shine touches. This surprising and unique texture it’s ideal to state a difference. Pelcor bags are an environmentally friendly choice: cork is a natural, ecological and recyclable material.


Pelcor is a sustainable Portuguese fashion and lifestyle brand that develops trendy and innovative products inspired by cork. At Pelcor they value sustainability: the regular cork extraction contributes to cork oaks regenerating naturally. The bags are delicately crafted with high quality manufacture and attention to detail. Each piece is a unique item and as in nature, no two pieces are exactly alike.  
The bags are made of cork, a natural, ecological and recyclable material. Cork is an environmentally friendly choice: the harvesting of cork oak tree, every 9 years, allows it to prosper in a worldwide unique ecosystem.
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