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LIVALIKE is a small and independent slow fashion brand based in Munich. Established by the interior architect and product designer Claudia Santiago Areal, who creates contemporary paper bags.
No short-term desire

The LIVALIKE collection is developed with greatest respect for the enviroment, the animals and the humans. The love for timeless shapes and innovative materials, smart details and high quality workmanship redefines the beauty of her bags.

No sale, no black friday. Honest pricse for honest products; 365 days a year. Claudia does not like to encourage any short-term desire, but a well considered long-term decision. All bags are handmade in the munich workspace with utmost carefullness, patience and passion.


Crinkled it looks like leather

The bags are created of a washable and extremly durable kraft paper fabric. The material is made in Germany, free of harmful substances and as well FSC as OEKO-TEX certified. The bags are stitched with polyester core thread. The well-known zig zag stitch protects against tears and stabilizes the edges.

By time the bags will loose its original shape step by step. Unused it looks like paper, crinkled it looks like leather, but it’s actually just paper. The material has a natural surface, which will get a wunderful and individual patina over time. It becomes softer and is aging with dignity and beauty. Guess what, you can actually wash and iron the bags, and they are dryer suitable.

The TOTE 306 was awarded with German Design Award Special 2019 in the category “Lifestyle and Fashion”.



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