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Heading for the office again, or still stationed at home? Eitherway, a comfortable outfit with timeless jeans and nice flats always works. The sleeveless shirt is a master piece; wear it on your bare skin, over a sweater or combine it with a blazer. Underneath? Delicate soft pink lingerie. My pleasure.

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This is HER

Founder Halima Jarrodi designed different jackets. Timeless, powerful and classics to combine endlessy. This is HER produces in a female founded and run factory in Portugal with high ethical standards.

Pineapple leather

This beautiful and original ballerina is made of vegetal leather made from pineapple in collaboration with Piñatex. The lining and insole are made of Eco suède chrome-free, the outsole of recycled tyre and the heel of 100% recycled wood. 10 points for Momoc!

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