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“Scouting for new labels, lovely styles is not work, that’s always a delight.”

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Amazingy Magazine writes about a range of topics varying from health, beauty to high end sustainable fashion. The eclectic team hat a lovely chat with our founder Martiene Raven at her home about trend casting, curating fashion and the true value of what you wear.

What inspired you to begin curating the raven collective?

My love for fashion goes way back. Even when I was younger, I was already fascinated by fashion – never from the design perspective, but rather with drawing it. Later on during my time in art school, I got to know the world of fashion forecasting and trend-watchers… and that still fascinates me. Fashion is so much more than the clothing we wear; it is about your personality, your status.

Is ‘curating’ the right word? Or how would you explain your selection process? Which criteria need to be met for each piece?

At raven collective, sustainability is a given. We understand sustainability is a concept of equity – referring to the equilibrium between social, environmental and economic perspectives, as well as within and between generations.

We also understand sustainability as something real. There is no such thing as 100% sustainability. There are better alternatives, and we can choose them well. Small collections, recycled and environmentally friendly materials, or pieces that are made-to-order only – to reduce waste.

Clothes: Philomena Official

Necklace: Julia Thompson Jewellery

Make up: Svenja Mauter for Amazingy

Interview: J.R. Thesis S.

Photography: Albert Raven

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